BIG apartment (Apartament DUŻY)

The apartment is located in Rzędkowice at 42 Jurajska Street. Renovated in 2024, the traditional Jurassic house is divided into two independent apartments with a shared entrance. The larger one, which we named BIG( DUŻY), has a living room with a kitchen and a bathroom on the ground floor, and two double bedrooms in the attic. It’s equipped with a washing machine, fridge, microwave, full set of dishes, cordless kettle, coffee maker, electric oven and hob. It can accommodate four people with a possibility  to host the fifth guest on a futon mattress. The apartment is heated by a heat pump. Internet - 700Mb. There is a large, fenced area around the house, from which you can see the Rzędkowice Rocks at a distance of about 600 m. Guests can also use the "GAMES ROOM" which has a ping-pong table, table football, crash-mats, yoga mats, etc.