climbing gear

In Trafo Base Camp Climbing Shop we have a full selection of climbing or caving gear: static or dynamic ropes, loops, carabiners, assecuration gear, harnesses, helmets and shoes. If You don’t want to buy anything or just forgot to take everything from home – our gear rental will help!

Prices for 1 day:

Harness: 15,00 zł
Grigri + screwgate carabiner: 15,00 zł
Belay / rappel device + carabiner: 10,00 zł
Dynamic rope: 35,00 zł
Helmet: 15,00 zł
Quickdraws (set of 12): 25,00 zł
Climbing shoes: 15,00 zł
Chalk bag: 5,00 zł
Crash pad: 30,00 zł

All guests of Trafo Base Camp Guest House get a 20% discount!