dogs rules

Dog Regulations

Regulations for dogs staying at Trafo Base Camp

  1. Dogs can stay in the following Trafo Base Camp facilities: in the climbing shop, in the pub, in the guest house and in the garden.
  2. All dogs staying in Trafo Base Camp facilities should be kept on a leash.
  3. Dogs under quarantine, under training, during rehabilitation, with health issues or overreactive to people or other animals should be marked with yellow ribbon (or similar yellow marking).
  4. Parents! Please teach Your children that not every dog likes being stroked.
  5. The owner or carer takes care of all the waste left by his dog. Appropriate waste bags are available in the pub.
  6. The owner or carer is responsible for all the damage or harm done by his dog.
  7. Dogs are not allowed to stay at sofas, chairs, tables or in the kitchen facilities.
  8. Guests staying at Trafo Base Camp Guest House with a dog should report it when checking in and acknowledge these regulations. The Guest is responsible for all the damage done by his dog. It is strictly forbidden for dogs to sleep in beds.
  9. The owner or carer is obliged to carry the dog’s valid vaccination booklet.