In Trafo Base Camp guesthouse You can choose 1 (or more) of our 15 rooms for approximately 40 people. Each room  is equipped with a personal bathroom.

  • 1 “apartment” room – containing 2 double rooms, 1 bathroom, 1 corridor and 1 balcony (“DMM”, “Gato”)
  • 9 double rooms – containing personal bathroom ( "E9",“Mammut”, “C.A.M.P.”, “Black Diamond”, "B", "K", "S","A","M")
  • 1 multi room – for 4 to 5 people, containing personal bathroom (“Boreal”)
  • 3 triple rooms – containing personal bathroom (“Milo”, “Saltic”, “Chillaz”)

The “apartment” can be booked either as a whole or as 2 separate double rooms with shared bathroom.
“Chillaz” triple room can be connected with “Boreal” multi room and turned into a suite with separate entrance.
Rooms "A" and "M"
can be treated as an "apartment" with its own separate entrance and corridor

Each room is equipped with a hair drier, a cordless kettle, tea bags, tea cups, towels, soaps, additional duvets and night lamps. On the other hand, not any of the rooms is equipped with tv sets or radios.

Upon request of our guests, a fully equipped conference room is available for lectures, meetings, trainings or... yoga sessions.